Thermal Copier

While setting up a new project for the Graphic Communication Technologies class, the school’s (only remaining) Thermal Imager broke. A call to the manufacturer’s support line confirmed that nobody knows what a “thermal copier” is any more.

No manufacturers make Thermofaxes or Vistafaxes anymore, and schools/companies have long ago thrown out the outdated machines. I need one for my classes’ screen printing projects – it makes use of the machine for a different purpose than it was intended for. I have set up a page about recreating/fixing/making a Thermal Copier.

Anyone doing Screen Printing (or even Tattoo artists) might be interested as well. Tattoo artists are another niche industry which has found an alternative use for these machines.


2 Responses to Thermal Copier

  1. Mirja says:

    Hi there,

    Is there any difference between a thermal copier for tattoo artists and a thermal copier (like Vistafax) for screenprinting?

  2. Amin says:

    Ive seen the use of tatto machines in the use of thermal printing on phone cases (uncommon cases). Are such processes or technology avaialable elsewhere?

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