Introducing the VncThumbnailViewer

December 31, 2007

Until this time, I have only been able to make reference to and suggest software resources that are available to teachers. Now, I am able to personally offer a software program for use in the classroom.

Previously I wrote about monitoring a computer lab using VNC. This free PC/windows program which lets a teacher observe many computers has its limitations. Having a background in computer programming, I finally decided to write my own.

So, after spending most of my holiday vacation working… I am excited and happy to present:

Vnc Thumbnail Viewer
The VNC ThumbnailViewer

    Enjoy the rest of your vacation.

    Happy New Year!


    EyeFi & the Online Classroom

    December 3, 2007

    While trying to find the perfect gift for a digital photographer, I stumbled upon EyeFi.


      I don’t think the website does a good job of showing it’s potential. Instead, I got hooked by the Today Show segment.

      This could be a really easy way to post pictures of your classes. Have a “classroom camera” with an eyefi sd card to automatically upload pictures to a classroom blog.

      As a technology teacher, a lot of what I do in the classroom is interesting to look at. I may try this next year.