“Poor Man’s” Lyric Overlay

During the live productions I’m involved in on Sunday morning we use ProPresenter to project dynamic backgrounds and song lyrics to a large projection screen at the back of a stage.

Stage with Projection Visible

If you notice on the projection, the lyrics are all located at the top of the screen.  This decision was made out of necessity — the screen is not positioned high enough above the people on stage to allow the audience to have a full clear sightline.  However, the video benefits immensely from this.  The switcher can overlay just the top third of the projector onto the camera view to create this look:

Stage with Overlay

Our video switcher is an ATEM Television Studio.  There are 3 methods available for overlaying only the top third of the projector input.

  1. Partial Wipe Transition.
  2. DSK with one of the media players loaded with a black-to-white ramp and used as the Key.
  3. USK with the crop enabled. (Unfortunately the USK does not have an independent auto on/off like the DSKs.)

The ATEM TVS does not have a DVE capable of scaling or repositioning an input on the screen.  Were it not for the lyrics being located at the top of the projection, this look would not be possible.  (BlackMagic Design’s more expensive models do.)

Continued on Part 2 – ProPresenter Text Stream

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