Cable Management


For bundles of cable that won’t be let go again, we’ve used zip ties.

If a long cable is wound up, and likely to be unwound and rewound again, we have the reusable velcro ties.

Parallel runs of cable in the studio we hold together with translucent cable wrap.

But there is no simple solution for the cornucopia of usb, hdmi, sdi, network, and power cables strung to and from the various control room stations and the studio.

Typically the rat’s nest of cables goes unnoticed.  But, when something needs to be changed, or worse, when something stops working, ignorance quickly turns to frustration.

There are many online suggestions and ideas for DIY cable management.

These were great inspiration.  But, each one involved several parts or had a limitation that disinterested us.  We decided instead to try our own melding of these ideas.

Wire Shelving Troth

We purchased a 6-foot long 12″ wire shelf for $8 at the big-box hardware store and a $4 package of 8 wall anchors to secure it.


With it tightly sandwiched between a board and long bench we bent it twice to form a troth.  Neither bend was a perfect 90-degrees, but in the end that didn’t matter.


After attaching it to the wall, we could lay cables in it.  And, because the shelf is not solid, wires can enter and exit at any point.


Before and After

Before After


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