Bonjour? mDNS/mDNSd? Rendezvous? ZeroConf?

ZeroConf is when a networked devices automatically configure itself on a network with the user doing zero configuration.  Bonjour is Apple’s implementation of it, which was formerly known as Rendezvous.  mDNS/mDNSd is the system name for the program.  See also: or

ZeroConf deals with three network concepts:

  1. Network Address Selection (“.local”/Link-Local Addressing)
  2. Computer Name Address Translation (Multicast DNS)
  3. Service Discovery and Broadcasting (DNS Service Discovery)

Ultimately, I’m interested in the third category — finding computers on the network that provide a service such as an SSH Remote Login, ProPresenter Text Stream, etc.; or, for alerting computers on the network to what services my device is providing.

For the Qt Framework, there are a couple projects that address some of these services.

Avahi –

Apple’s Library


Qt Implementation

XMMS’s Implementation


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