Philips Hue/Lux Light Switch

October 30, 2014

I enjoy my new Philips Lux light (part of the Philips Hue brand, but not multi-color).  It is a low-barrier entry in to the home automation world — something I’ve been dreaming about tinkering in since my undergraduate years.

To start, I want to use it in the main fixtures in a room.  This means the switch that powers the fixtures should remain “on” to allow the Philips wireless hub to control the light’s state — on, off, or dimmed.  But, leaving the switch always on means there’s no easy way to control the light without using my smartphone — ick!

As simple as is it to replace a standard light bulb with a smartbulb, there aren’t any compatible products that are replacements for a standard light switch. Read the rest of this entry »