About this Website

This website is a dialog about resources that I have come across that would be very useful to technology teachers. Certainly, these technology resources are not specific only to technology class, they can also be very useful to all teachers.

I am a high school educator. I teach a variety of technology classes, from Computer Graphic Production to Electricity and Electronics. I love to learn, so I became an educator. I find learning to be most exciting when it’s practical, so I chose to teach technology classes.

After being a student and earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science I transitioned to studying teaching and earned a Master of Science for Teachers in Secondary Education. I am presently a secondary ed teacher in New York State teaching college prep and career exploration courses.

I thoroughly enjoy teaching and learning. I do both of these on a daily basis in my classroom. This website is my first foray into teaching and learning with an online presence. Here I can write about resources I have learned to use in my classroom (or hope to use), and in return hear about other teachers experiences and resources they use.

I chose a blog because it provides a two-way-street dialog in a format available to everyone on the internet.


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