Digital Logic Simulation – Hades

May 14, 2007

I remember using the (old) DigLog digital logic simulator to construct digital circuits. The feature that made this program so fun was “glow mode“. I want to let my Digital Electronics classes experience digital simulation.

Digital Simulation

Norman Hedrick at the University of Hamburg wrote a program similar to DigLog. The program is java-based, so it can run on Windows / Mac OS X / Linux. Even better, the program doesn’t need to be installed, it can be run from it’s webpage.

I recommend you check out:

The Hades Editor


iPod Speaker Project

December 4, 2006

I found that the General Purpose Amplifier Kit project fits beautifully into a 2-7/8"x2"x1" Plastic Box along with the 9v batter.  This can easily be billed as an iPod speaker.

A headphone jack, a power switch, and a smaller potentiometer are all that’s needed.