Screen Printing

June 19, 2007

To teach Printing Technologies I’m going to try a screen printing project.   I think students would enjoy doing silk screen printing.  Students would design and print their own t-shirts/bags/etc.  (One possible alternative project would be producing a stamp as a form of printing.)

The Thermal Screen Printing Process can greatly simplify the screen making process:

A special kind of screen is used.  Instead of stretching silk on a frame, spreading light-sensitive emulsion, drying, and exposing; all you have to do is get a laser print out of the design and run it through a thermal copier with the special screen.


iPod Speaker Project

December 4, 2006

I found that the General Purpose Amplifier Kit project fits beautifully into a 2-7/8"x2"x1" Plastic Box along with the 9v batter.  This can easily be billed as an iPod speaker.

A headphone jack, a power switch, and a smaller potentiometer are all that’s needed.