Thermal Copier

November 28, 2007

While setting up a new project for the Graphic Communication Technologies class, the school’s (only remaining) Thermal Imager broke. A call to the manufacturer’s support line confirmed that nobody knows what a “thermal copier” is any more.

No manufacturers make Thermofaxes or Vistafaxes anymore, and schools/companies have long ago thrown out the outdated machines. I need one for my classes’ screen printing projects – it makes use of the machine for a different purpose than it was intended for. I have set up a page about recreating/fixing/making a Thermal Copier.

Anyone doing Screen Printing (or even Tattoo artists) might be interested as well. Tattoo artists are another niche industry which has found an alternative use for these machines.


Canon Powershot Cameras

March 1, 2007

In the Graphic Communication Technologies class, students us a class set of digital cameras.  We have 10 Canon Powershot A510/A520/A530/A560 cameras.  This is a decent budget friendly point-and-shoot camera series.  Someone discovered the cameras’ firmware is hiding some of the better features reserved for higher-ticket cameras.  But not anymore..

Currently, the cameras already do everything my students need them for.  The feature of CHDK hacking that interests me is the Splash Screen Branding.  I would like to change the start-up screen on the cameras to show that it belongs to the school.

Splash Screen