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January 29, 2014
Continuation of Part 1 – Poor Man’s Lyric Overlay

There is a significant limitation to the “Poor Man’s” Lyric Overlay discussed earlier.  When the lyric overlay is enabled, any shots other than wide full-stage views suffer from having only the lower 2/3rds available.

Closeup with Overlay

This is the reason lyric overlay typically is only the words without the background fill.  Separating the text from the background is accomplished on the switcher by inputting both the text (on any background) and a second input of the alpha cutout mask.

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Numark Orbit

December 24, 2013

Continuing my obsession with computer input devices, especially midi control surfaces…

I happened upon the Numark Orbit today.


  • 16 Generic Buttons
  • Jog/Shuttle Wheel
  • RGB Backlighting
  • Wired -or- Wireless (with built-in battery)

The jog wheel makes me think this would be a sweet Instant Replay controller.

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“Poor Man’s” Lyric Overlay

November 29, 2013

During the live productions I’m involved in on Sunday morning we use ProPresenter to project dynamic backgrounds and song lyrics to a large projection screen at the back of a stage.

Stage with Projection Visible

If you notice on the projection, the lyrics are all located at the top of the screen.  This decision was made out of necessity — the screen is not positioned high enough above the people on stage to allow the audience to have a full clear sightline.  However, the video benefits immensely from this.  The switcher can overlay just the top third of the projector onto the camera view to create this look:

Stage with Overlay

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Introducing the VncThumbnailViewer

December 31, 2007

Until this time, I have only been able to make reference to and suggest software resources that are available to teachers. Now, I am able to personally offer a software program for use in the classroom.

Previously I wrote about monitoring a computer lab using VNC. This free PC/windows program which lets a teacher observe many computers has its limitations. Having a background in computer programming, I finally decided to write my own.

So, after spending most of my holiday vacation working… I am excited and happy to present:

Vnc Thumbnail Viewer
The VNC ThumbnailViewer

    Enjoy the rest of your vacation.

    Happy New Year!

    EyeFi & the Online Classroom

    December 3, 2007

    While trying to find the perfect gift for a digital photographer, I stumbled upon EyeFi.


      I don’t think the website does a good job of showing it’s potential. Instead, I got hooked by the Today Show segment.

      This could be a really easy way to post pictures of your classes. Have a “classroom camera” with an eyefi sd card to automatically upload pictures to a classroom blog.

      As a technology teacher, a lot of what I do in the classroom is interesting to look at. I may try this next year.

      Thermal Copier

      November 28, 2007

      While setting up a new project for the Graphic Communication Technologies class, the school’s (only remaining) Thermal Imager broke. A call to the manufacturer’s support line confirmed that nobody knows what a “thermal copier” is any more.

      No manufacturers make Thermofaxes or Vistafaxes anymore, and schools/companies have long ago thrown out the outdated machines. I need one for my classes’ screen printing projects – it makes use of the machine for a different purpose than it was intended for. I have set up a page about recreating/fixing/making a Thermal Copier.

      Anyone doing Screen Printing (or even Tattoo artists) might be interested as well. Tattoo artists are another niche industry which has found an alternative use for these machines.

      Screen Printing

      June 19, 2007

      To teach Printing Technologies I’m going to try a screen printing project.   I think students would enjoy doing silk screen printing.  Students would design and print their own t-shirts/bags/etc.  (One possible alternative project would be producing a stamp as a form of printing.)

      The Thermal Screen Printing Process can greatly simplify the screen making process:

      A special kind of screen is used.  Instead of stretching silk on a frame, spreading light-sensitive emulsion, drying, and exposing; all you have to do is get a laser print out of the design and run it through a thermal copier with the special screen.